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Predictive Dialer with Flatrate and Unlimited Agents

Up to 15 agents per month: EUR 399, -
Up to 30 agents per month: EUR 499, -

The price includes:

- A completely independant server with its own IP address and root access.

Asking yourself how such prices are possible?
We have our own server and use our own software and are active in this sector only.

Highlighting features:

- A cost-saving and efficient predictive dialer with a flat rate option for unlimited agents.

- Agents Flatrate: add your employees yourself, without paying a penny extra for it.

- Determine the number of channels to use.

- The agent gets about every 10-15 seconds a real person on the line and can fully concentrate on the professional sales.

- Answering machines, not been achieved, or wrong numbers are not even connected with the agent.

- Wasting time with unnecessary extensions and connections are a thing of history.

- Extract the unreached numbers and let it run again through the Dialer to gain optimal coverage of your addresses.

- Detailed statistics on working hours, calls made, pause duration, and much more.

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